9L1AB DXpedition Statistics

TOTAL QSOs :     40362 

Band         CW      SSB     RTTY          Total  

160m         1259          6                          1265 
  80m         2075         52                         2127
  40m         3294       259                         3553                      
  30m         2811                                      2811  
  20m         3770     1128      355             5253               
  17m         3245     1053                         4298  
  15m         4655     1858      413             6926
  12m         4064     1638                         5702  
  10m         4211     3156      101             7468

    6m           550       409                           959  

Total:      29934     9559      869          40362


160m :  Fantastic signals from EU virtually every night.
             QSOs with about 40 JA's. VK6, W6.

80m :    (Also 40m) excellent openings into North
             America during early morning hours my time.
             Tough going working EU in the evening as my
             RX just wasn't up to it (IC-706).

High Bands:   Good openings to EU, NA, JA (long and                         short path).

6m :      Good openings into Southern EU. Occasional               openings into ON, PA, G and as far North as               Yorkshire, Northern England. Worked many               South/Central Americans and Carribean in the               evening. Sparse openings to North America and               Japan which was disappointing.


2 x Icom IC-706 transceivers.
(Both with 500Hz and 270Hz CW filters).
One IC-706 was used as backup and for montioring 6m.
Acom 1000 HF + 6m Amplifier (single GU74b).
MFJ-989C Antenna tuner (Tnx GØLUJ).
Samson ETM-9C CW Keyer.
Toshiba Libretto 110CT notebook PC running CT.
Kenwood PS-40 and Watson SM25 s/mode psu's.
Fan Dipoles for 10-40m.
1/4 wave sloping wires for 80m and 160m in nearby trees.

Thanks to :
Elmer - 9L1DX, Zbig - 9L1BTB, Geoff - GØLUJ,
Smiffy - MØBNX.

This DXpedition, as always, was carried out without any sponsorship from DX Clubs or commerical sponsors.

"Thank you !" to all who helped to support this DXpedition by enclosing personal contributions with direct QSLs. Your support is very much appreciated.    

Hope to "CU in the Pileups" from somewhere again next year, but first I will be working on the QSL pileup over the the Winter.

Andy G3AB

"One Star DX Association"

9L1AB DXpedition Photos

Second Photo page

9L1AB Station - Icom IC-706, Acom-1000,
MFJ-989C ATU, Toshiba Libretto Notebook PC,
ETM-9C keyer.

Between 15 - 20 hours of activity every day from this shack for almost 27 days !

Very simple HF antennas - just dipoles for 40m - 10m about 15m high on the roof of my small rented bungalow. Quarter wave sloping "verticals" were used for 80 and 160m up in some nearby trees.

Another view of the station. Using an old version of CT in DXpedition mode.

This tower (lighthouse) was very close to my QTH but unfortunately not close enough for me to use for low band antennas.

Elmer, 9L1DX was kind enough to lend me this 6mtr antenna which had been sent to him by JA8FCG. I also used the HF dipole array which was 1:1 SWR on 6m! This often outperformed the beam and provided antenna (angle of arrival) diversity. I had not intended to be so active on 6m so did not take a beam of my own.

Elmer 9L1DX - Andy 9L1AB - Zbig 9L1BTB.
We spent a very pleasant afternoon at Zbig's QTH one Sunday.

A view of the beach and the Cape Sierra peninsula.

Aerial view of Cape Sierra peninsula. My QTH was in the middle of the photo on the peninsula near to the coast - a perfect location for radio.

Lungi Airport - photo taken about 18 months ago when British Paratroopers were deployed. It was necessary to take a helicopter flight from Lungi to Freetown. I had to take a ferry on my way home, because the commercial helicopters had been grounded for technical reasons.
That was a long journey home !

A view of Aberdeen bridge, just to the west of Freetown.

My QTH was located just to the North of the "light" marked on the peninsula on the far North-West.

Second Photo page

QSL via G3AB

Address :

Andy Chadwick, G3AB
5 Thorpe Chase
North Yorkshire


Thank you !